The Vistani

the Gypsies


Tan skinned with black hair colorful and happy going, and loves to drink


The Vistani (singular: Vistana) are wanderers who live
outside civilization, traveling about in horse-drawn, barrel-
topped wagons called vardos, which they build themselves.
Compared to Barovians:they are flamboyant.
Vistani dress in bright clothes, laugh often, arid drink
heartily. As much as they feel at home-in.Strahd’s dreary
land, they know they can leave it.whenever they" please
and aren’t damned fo spend eteinity there.

Vistani are silversmiths, copper smiths, haberdashers,

cooks, weavers, musicians, enteitainers,.storytelfers,
toolmakers, and horse traders. They also earn money
by telling fortunes and selling inforniation. They spend
whatever they earn to support a lavish lifestyle, display
their wealth openly as a sign of prosperity, and share
their good fortune with family and friends.
Each family or clan of Vistani is its own little gerontocracy,
with the oldest member ruling the roost. This
elder. the bulk of the responsibility for enforcing
traditions, settling disputes, setting the course for the
group’s travels, and preserving the Vistani way of life.
Vistani elders make all the important decisions, but
whether by choice or because of their age, tend to speak
in cryptic, flowing riddles.

Vistani families and clans are closely knit. They resolve

disagreements through contests that end with reconciliatory
singing, dancing, and storytelling. Although
they can seem lazy and irresponsible to outsiders, the
Vistani are serious people, quick to act when their lives
or traditions are threatened. They are merciless when
they believe they must be. Vistani who knowingly bring
harm or misfortune to others of their kind are banished-
the worst punishment a Vistana can imagine,
even worse than death.

The Vistani

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